The Any Book Book Club

In June 2015, The Any Book Book Club {Wiesbaden} was created and it recently had its 1 year anniversary. It has been wonderful to watch an idea grow into a book club that consists of dedicated book lovers that embrace a non-conventional idea. The Any Book Book Club is not your normal pick a book for the group and all discuss that book, book club. The Any Book Book Club is a book club based on themes chosen each month and the members can pick books from the genres they love that fall within the themes.  So far this system is working out. The book club consists of 34 members with approximately 10 wonderfully dedicated meeting members. In April we took our first literary vacation to Paris, France! We also, hope to be able to go on one more literary trip before the year is through.  On top of book club meetings and literary trips we try to do extra activities throughout the year, such as: a bookish brunch each month, book swaps, Christmas secret Santa, book signings, etc.

If you happen upon this blog and live in the Wiesbaden, Germany area and would like to join a non-traditional book club you can connect with us at The Any Book Book Club Facebook group.

2020 Monthly Themes:



March: A Book that takes place in Ireland & A Book that Spotlights Wildlife in it.