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Reflections on a “Food” Memoir

I recently devoured the food memoir “Life from Scratch: a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness.” by Sasha Martin.


I picked up this memoir a few years ago with the inclination I would read it sooner rather than later, we see now that it was later. With that said, It could have not been read at a better time in my life.

How many times have you picked up a book to read that looks to be about one thing but once you begin reading it becomes something slightly different than what you expected? For some this is very frustrating; for others though, it is an intriguing exploration. I fall in this latter category, and was pleasantly enveloped in Sasha’s life story.

It’s a ‘food” memoir with lots and lots of messy, yet beautiful layers. A story about a woman that survived abandonment, estrangement, dealt with trust-issues, and struggled to see who she really was after all these issues weighed her down; to become a woman that loved fiercely, found strength through adversity, and was able to forgive those that abandoned her so long ago. Through all of the ups and downs her one true positive, her fondest memories as a child and what helped her become grounded as a wife and mother was her love of cooking. This “food” memoir is a life spent remembering the comfort of food of the past, finding adventure through creating dishes during a time of personal restlessness, and being satisfied with how the Global Table adventure brought family, friends, and strangers into Sasha’s life to help her heal and be happy with her present day.

This quote from the book sums up everything for me.

“And perhaps that’s been Mom’s secret all along: her brutal common sense that slices through any and all notions of what “should” be. From our living room kitchen back in Jamaica Plain to this global table, it’s about getting our fill. Not just of food, but of the intangible things we all need: acceptance, love, and understanding.”

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