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8 Acts of Kindness & Encouragement

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It has been close to a month for some and as few as two weeks for others that we have been advised to social distance ourselves. Even though we have to social distance I believe there are still ways we can connect meaningfully and make a difference in others lives during these trying times.

Listed below are a few ways I feel one can show acts of kindness and encouragement:

  1. Buy groceries for the elderly in your community that are more susceptible to the virus.




2. If you live in an apartment building set out a box of books in a common area so others can take or leave a book to read during this time.




3. If you have the means, financially contribute to food banks in your area or pay someone’s rent or a bill of some kind because they can’t work from home in the type of job they hold.




4. Find ways to virtually encourage friends and family in your life with live chat.




5. Walk your elderly neighbors’ dogs.


dog walking


6. Bring back the art of writing letters through snail mail and write to friends and family and/or write lovely notes for your neighbors letting them know you care and if they need anything to reach out.




7. Make a meal for someone that is in Quarantine, of course take precautions in delivering it.


Cook a meal1


8. Place a prayer box or bucket outside your house on a fence or table for people in your community to place prayers in so you can pray for them.


prayer box


Please help me add to this list in the comments below. I always enjoy learning of ways we can share kindness and encouragement towards others in the world

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