Personal Life

My Goals for 2017

It is a new year and we all want to think this is the year that we aspire to step outside the box, try something new and be able to say at the end of the year that all was successful. I have set myself some goals that I hope help me find routine, experience new places in Europe, and fall in love with different types of genres throughout literature.

Reading Goals:

  • I am hosting the Read Through Bookshelf Challenge 2017. It is basically reading the books that are already on my bookshelves and not buying more until I have read through several and donated the ones that got 3 stars or below and/or I do not find I would recommend to other book lovers. I will be using the hashtag #ReadBookshelves2017, if anyone wants to join in with me on this challenge.
  • I am not hugely worried about my Goodreads goal this year because the challenge is my biggest concern but I did set my goal at 25 books and that is very doable.
  • Extra reading breakdown is:
    • Read 5 Short Stories collections
    • Read 3 Non-Fiction novels
    • Read 10 Graphic Novels
    • Read some world news daily


Travel Goals:

  • Travel to at least 3 different countries this year.
  • Take more weekend day trips around Germany
  • Photograph and blog more about these adventures.


Personal Goals:

  • Start Grad School in the Fall
  • Continue finding outlets to be creative


Blog | Social Media Goals:

  • Post content on a schedule. I am thinking possibly Sunday and Wednesday for now that could change later.
  • Share and engage on social media. I tend to not do this enough.
  • Write more about the things I love, basically be more open on my blog.


The Any Book Book Club Goals:

  • Find some adventures to engage the group in. Maybe a trip or something bookish.
  • Find new ways to advertise to the community about this wonderful book club.



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