Personal Life

Year In Review | 2016

A look back on the year of 2016.



  • I read 32 books towards my goal of 35 books.
  • I read a total of 8,438 pages.
  • My average rating was four‘s
  • I read very few Young Adult novels and I read more Fantasy, Graphic Novels, and Literary Fiction.


  • Places I traveled with Donald were:
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Potsdam, Germany
    • Rudesheim, Germany
  • Places traveled with my sister when she came to visit in July:
    • Rothenberg o.b. Tauber, Germany
    • Rudesheim, Germany
    • Soufflenheim, France (Pottery)
    • Strasbourg, France

Sadly, I did not blog about these adventures in 2016, The good thing though I can always blog about it in the future!

Personal Life and Creativity:

being #creative is not a #hobby it is a way of life #wayoflife #creativity:

  • I abandoned my book blog Between Library Shelves to start this blog so I could broaden what I blogged about. So far, I am enjoying the content I am posting.
  • I began to bullet journal as my main way to keep track of my planning, goals, and lists. It has been so much fun.
  • Donald and I celebrated two years of marriage.
  • Donald accepted an extension with his job which means we are in Germany for another two years.
  • I have met some truly wonderful people while living her in Germany that I will call friends for years to come!

The Any Book Book Club:


  • The book club made it to its 1 year anniversary successfully.
  • We took our first Literary trip to Paris , France where we had a blast and created lots of memories.
  • However, several of the most frequent club members PCS’d and I grieved the loss of them, and I feel it affected the book club for several months.
  • We have a logo too thanks to Brian Cline!

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