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2016 Christmas Haul

The Postman Brought Me & My Family Wonderful Gifts!

Sorry this post is going up so late, I have no excuse really except procrastination, but hey that is one of my goals this year to work on and become a more consistent blog poster. But that is in another post.

This post is about all the great things me and my family received for Christmas! I participated in the The Broke and The Bookish Secret Santa again this year, I also, participated in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap over on and of course the family and I received gifts from our loved ones. So I will start out with the Secret Santa and end with family wonderfulness.

The Broke and The Bookish Secret Santa (#TBTBSanta)

My secret Santa was the lovely Conny @theliteratigirl  (IG);

Her gifting was spot on! I loved everything and began using several of the stationary items right away. She individually wrapped everything, the presentation was inviting and I cannot not say enough good things about this package. Funny thing the odds that I could meet her in person is quite likely since we do not live that far apart from each at this time. *Smile*

What was in the package?

  • Dog treats for my puggle, Kenzie, which she gobbled up in no time.
  • Berliner Brot, she made herself and included her Grandmother’s recipe in the package so I can try and make myself someday.
  • Stamps that have to do with reading, that I will be using in my bullet journal throughout the year.
  • She created and bound a personal library notebook so I could keep track of all the books I have in my personal library.  (I am slowly adding my books to it, and loving the concept.) I also, got a small calendar for my purse, and notebook to rate and review my books as I read them. SO THOUGHTFUL!!
  • The books I received were:
  • Lastly, I received a patch to sew on something and some chocolates.

Thank you again Conny for being an AWESOME SECRET SANTA!

12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by

My swap partner was Brandi Leistikow. Blog:

I really enjoyed receiving gifts in the mail from her every so many days. This swap is basically you receive 12 wrapped gifts that equal the value of $40 -$50 and send to your swap partner. I can’t wait to find out what she thought about things I sent to her. I have used several of the her gifts already and enjoying them all.


What I received:

  • A giant candy cane which was devoured soon after it was opened.
  • Some maple candies that was also devoured over the weekend. Yes I had a sugar high!
  • A very cute bookmark, I love owls!
  • The Vaseline creme brulee lip therapy that is getting lots of use since winter has rolled into Germany.
  • The smoothing body lotion is getting lots of use to at this time.
  • Socks! cause they rock.
  • A super cute mug that I have been using to drink hot cocoa.
  • Fairy lights.
  • Books:
  • I received another package that is not pictured here that came after all the rest and it was more socks!

Thank you Brandi for being my swap partner it was nice getting to know you.

Christmas Haul from Loved Ones!

And last, but certainly not least, I received wonderful gifts from my loved ones! I am also including what my hubs received from me and family, and what Kenzie got for Christmas in the photos below.

What can I say we all had a lovely Christmas!

December 2016 was a wonderful time. I met two new fellow bloggers, spent time with friends, and Skyped with family and was spoiled beyond measure!

Tell me about your Christmas haul in the comments below!

One thought on “2016 Christmas Haul

  1. I am so glad you liked the Secret Santa package, Leann! We’ll definitely have to meet up at some point this year. If everything goes to plan , I might even move to Giessen to continue my studies there which would bring me even closer! Xx

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