Monthly Favorites

September Favorites


September was the month of exploring new cities, food, graphic novels and authors. It was also the month of finding great Mexican cuisine in the unlikeliest place.

  • Travel: the new cities I explored were Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. They were both wonderful in their differences and similarities. The history of these cities were hard to consume in the short amount of time we were there, I thank our walking tour guide for his immense knowledge of both Berlin and Potsdam and I highly recommend him, if anyone travels to either location.  [ ~tour guide: Woester] I hope to have my post and photos up of the trip this week, so look out for that.
  • Food: Potsdam, Germany ended up being the best city for food this month. Our lunch on the first day at the Braumanufaktur brewery and restaurant was delicious! I indulged in a wonderful Russian soup called Solyanka. Don’t worry, I’ve already found a recipe to cook this winter. Also, in Potsdam we found a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Cancun Haus. In Germany it is hard to find good Mexican cuisine and when you do find a place that understands that red sauce is not pasta tomato sauce, and that salsa and sour cream are really what should be served on the side of chips and your cuisine you jump up and down and have to tell EVERYONE about it!
  • Graphic Novels: are still very new to me and I go on lots of recommendations when seeking out new series to read. This month Goodreads recommended that I read Amulet. I checked out the first three volumes from the library and devoured them, and then immediately requested the next three volumes in the series. It is middle-grade, female main character, a slew of wonderful side characters and action packed. I gave each of these 5 stars!


  • Books: lastly, I discovered author, David Mitchell and his novel Slade House. This was a creepy novel and I have tried to figure out how to review it without spoilers. The best way for me to describe it is through a song and a movie. The song is Hotel California by The Eagles and the movie is The Skeleton Key starring Kate Hudson. Creepy! I gave it 4.5 stars and I think it is worth a read for anyone looking for a strange and eerie book.


What was some of your favorite moments of September? Tell me in the comments below.


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